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Frequently asked questions

What do I get?

For using Crewmeister after the free trial period, we impose a low fee that includes the usage for you and all your employees for a month or an entire year. If you dedice for yearly payment, we give you a free month on top. The prices you see on this site are excluding VAT.

How long is the cancellation period?

We at Crewmeister want to excite you with our products instead of chaining you with long cancellation periods. You can cancel Crewmeister anytime and keep on using Crewmeister for the time that you have already paid for. The subscription will not auto-renew in this case.

How do I pay the usage fee?

You can pay either via direct debit or by wiring the money to our bank account.

Is my data secure?

Information privacy and data security have highest priority for us at Crewmeister. The Crewmeister servers are located exclusively in German data centers. The data is consistently encrypted with the industry standard SSL/HTTPS while it is transfered.