Jobs / work at Crewmeister

Crewmeister empowers small and medium sized companies to create a modern workspace for their employees. For that purpose we share knowledge and build tools so that companies can manage their staff easier and more efficiently. Our features focus on the needs of small businesses which employ 5 to 50 employees. To reach our vision we’re currently looking for a JavaScript (React) and a Ruby (RoR) developer which will work in our small development team of 4-6 developers.

How we work at crewmeister

Our source code is managed by GIT and is deployed continuously via Travis CI. As our code gets published right after a Pull Request was merged, we are doing TDD daily. For our tickets we use Github issues and for our sprint planning Github milestones/projects. We don’t follow Scrum strictly but have one week sprints which help us adjust our roadmap to our customers needs.

JavaScript, React - Frontend Developer

We currently migrate our Ember based “single page application” to React. This migration helps us share the clients business logic between our React Web App and our React Native mobile app. To finish this migration and build new features we’re looking for a React developer who helps us create the building blocks of our UI.



Ruby on Rails - Backend Developer

For the upcoming months our main challenge will be an integration with Atoss Time Control (ATC), which is the mid-segment product of our mother company Atoss. To make this integration easier we migrated most of our business logic into services/interactions and repositories which are written in pure ruby.



About crewmeister

Crewmeister is a young company, financed by the mother company ATOSS, which has almost 30 years of experience in the so called area of workforce management. Crewmeister was founded as a spin-off in 2014 when Florian, now the CEO, had figured out that ATOSS does not yet have the product that align with companies with less than 50 employees. So he sets out to tackle that market.


If you’re interested in working on a small team of enthusiastic developers and love to be challenged don’t hesitate to get in contact with us.