Jobs / work at Crewmeister

JavaScript, React - Frontend Developer

We are tossing ember for react. We are learning new things all the time. We are looking for YOU to help us get better and our (web-)app pushed forward! We are focusing on small customers that need help to digitize their business. We want to make our product as simple as possible for our users. We are striving for less complexity in the UI as well as in the code. Our customers feel that change, that’s why we are growing!

What about you? Curious? Do those things above ring with you? Do you feel like this could be a challenge to tackle? There is more :). Come and jump on board!

Our product consists of a web-app, which runs in the browser. The same thing is wrapped in a PhoneGap/Cordova app and installed at our client’s as mobile app. Additionally we are building a subset of the functionality into a mobile offline-capable react-native app, which we are about to ship.

If you like those technologies and are passionate about migrating and building stuff in an awesome team. Please contact us! We’re currently trying to migrate our stack to pure ruby and pure javascript removing external dependencies and legacy as much as possible.

Your skills

We are looking for a person who would like to tackle all the nitty griddy details that the user sees. All the browser compatibility issues across all kinds of desktop, mobile and tablet devices. Oh yeah, even Android 4.4 is something that challenges us. IE9 is less of a problem and just runs under the radar.

We have a redesigned look and feel that we want to apply to the entire app(s) over time. If you dream of CSS, animations, flexbox, icon fonts, SVG and alikes than you are the one! If you happen to have an eye for design and feel comfortable to adapt the design, and improve the user experience we are even happier to talk to you!

About crewmeister

Crewmeister is a young company, financed by the mother company ATOSS, which has almost 30 years of experience in the so called area of workforce management. Crewmeister was founded as a spin-off in 2014 when Florian, now the CEO, had figured out that ATOSS does not yet have the product that align with companies with less than 50 employees. So he sets out to tackle that market. Which is quite a huge market and growing crewmeister internationally is inevitable.

Why you should join?

You are looking for a new challenge. You want to be part of something big early on. There is enormous potential in what crewmeister does and there is room to shape it. You want to get stuff out of the door, you want to fix a bug and ship it as soon as you got it. You like to share, pair and unit test. And you like that marketing is just on the other side of the table, you love to listen in to the phone calls with the customers and fix their problems right after Lukas hung up the phone? Then you SHOULD JOIN.